Working Steer & Ox Show, Thursday @ 4:00pm, Beef Show, Friday — 3:00 pm

CLASS FEE: $2.00 per class for the following (*) classes: (for youth show only)

  • Fitting Classes Divisions
    • Senior
    • Junior
  • Showmanship Classes Divisions
    • Senior
    • Intermediate
    • Junior
    • Novice
    • Futures.
  • Breed Classes Youth and Open Show- *H-*Q and Market Classes.
  • Working Steer and Ox Show Classes-Senior and Junior Divisions.
  • Steer and Ox Classes *C-*J.


  1. Mail entries to: Hannah Shipman, 118 Johnston Road, Burke, NY 12917. Entries must be received by July 20, 2022.
  2. Enclose entry fee of $5.00 for each animal stabled and entered in OPEN SHOW. Make check payable to: ACFFD
  3. Field Days assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to animals from any cause. Entries accepted only on this condition.
  4. All animals shall be on the grounds prior to 8:00 p.m. on Monday, August 8, 2022.
  5. All entries must remain on the grounds until 9 p.m. on Saturday, August 13th. Failure to abide by arrival and departure times will result in loss of premiums and/or awards. Cattle may remain on the grounds until Sunday. Security is provided.
  6. A load of bark will be furnished for the exhibitors, when the bark is gone it will be up to the exhibitors to furnish bedding. Exhibitors must bring their own hay, grain, feed and water pails.
  7. All animals in breed classes must be registered in the respective breed associations before exhibiting. The Show Superintendent shall examine certificates of registry and transfer. Exhibitors with grade animals may enter them into a commercial class.
  8. All animals to be shown in this Show must be quartered in the Beef & Working Steer Tent.
  9. Each youth exhibitor should be present to show his/her animals and should not receive help from anyone outside the show ring. No one is allowed in the show ring except the exhibitor, the judge and necessary attendants.
  10. All exhibitors will be required to wear clean, neat clothing proper for showing. Blue jeans are acceptable.
  11. Ages of all animals must be given and satisfactorily verified if requested.
  12. In case of cattle entered but not exhibited, entrance fee shall be forfeited.
  13. Health requirements: A. State Health Regulations in effect at the time of entry shall apply if there is a conflict with the following requirements:
    1. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI): All livestock must be listed on a valid CVI signed and dated within 30 Days of arrival. Official Identification and vaccination information must be listed on the CVI. 2.Rabies Vaccination: All animals over 4 months of age must be vaccinated for rabies a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 365 days prior to arrival. Vaccination for animals less than 4 months of age is recommended. Vaccination less than 30 days prior to arrival is only acceptable for animals less than 4 Months of age. 3.Shipping Fever Vaccination: All cattle must be vaccinated for shipping fever a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 6 months prior to arrival with a product which includes IBR, BVD, PI3 and BRSV. 4. All animals should be in good physical condition and be free of open or draining wounds 5. All animals should be fress of visual evidence of infectious, contagious, or parasitic diseases at time of arrival. 6. Animals arriving from outside the State of Vermont must bave an import permit. 7. Cattle Official Individual Identification: All cattle must have a USDA approved official ear tage. These include metal MUES tags, visual 840 tags, 840 RFID tags. 8. Horns: All cattle over one month of age with the exception of working steers must be dehorned. Dehorning sites must be healed (no open or draining wounds are permitted). Horn stubs/scurs must be less than 1"
  14. The Beef and Working Steer Show is open to anyone willing to abide by the rules.
  15. Entries are limited to two (2) in each single class, and one (1) in each group class.
  16. All animals in group entries must also have been shown in respective single classes.
  17. Animals can be shown in the Breeding Class or Market Class but not both. Animals also can only be shown in the Beef Show or the Working Steer Show but not both.
  18. All Exhibitors are responsible for taking care of their cattle thru out the day while exhibited at the fair. Animals and exhibit must be clean and presentable for public by 8 am each day.


  1. $9.00 = Blue
  2. $7.00 = Red
  3. $4.00 = White,

~ For the following classes: - Fitting Classes Senior and Junior Division - Showmanship Classes Senior, Intermediate, Junior Divisions, Novice and Futures. - Breed Classes Youth and Open Show- *H-*O and Market Classes. - Working Steer and Ox Show Classes-Senior and Junior Divisions. - Steer and Ox Classes *C-*J.


Classes are for all recognized beef breeds.

YOUTH SHOW FITTING CLASSES Class A - Senior Division Class B - Junior Division


(all youth must enter) Class C - Senior Division Class D - Intermediate Division Class E - Junior Division Class F - Novice (8-18 years old & first year showing) Class G - Futures (under 8)


Class H - Spring Heifer Calves (April 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022) Class I - Junior Heifer Calves (January 1, 2022 to March 31, 2022) Class J - Winter Heifer Calves (November 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021) Class K - Senior Heifer Calves (September 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021) Class L - Summer Yearling Heifer (July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021) Class M - Spring Yearling Heifer (April 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021) Class N - Junior Yearling Heifer (January 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021) Class O - Senior Yearling Heifer (September 30, 2020 to December 31, 2020) ~ For classes 9-10 (Cow with Natural calf (Calf born on or after September 1, 2021)) Class P - Two Year Old Cow & Calf (September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020) Class Q - Three Year Old & Over Cow & Calf (Born after September 1, 2019)

- Junior Champion Female
- Senior Champion Female
- Grand Champion Female
- Youth Grand Champion Over All Breed (Classes H-O eligible)


Class R - Junior Bull Calf (January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022) Class S - Pair of Calves (2 calves from classes H, I, J, K or R) Class T- Best two (2) head bred and owned by exhibitor Class U - Exhibitor’s Herd, best three (3) head owned by exhibitor


(No registration papers required for these classes) ~ For both Youth & Open Show: All animals in Market Classes will be weighed at Field Days and put into classes.


Showmanship Classes (all youth must enter) Class A - Senior Division Class B - Junior Division


Working Teams Class C - Under 500 lbs Class D - 500 - 1000 lbs Class E - 1000 - 1400 lbs Class F - 1400 - 1900 lbs Class G - 1900 - 2500 lbs Class H - 2500 - 2900 lbs Class I - 2900 - 3500 lbs Class J - Over 3500 lbs Only 1st place winners in Classes 3-10 compete for Best of Show - Best in show (classes C-F) - Best in show (classes G-J)

PERFORMANCE CLASSES (Cart will be provided. There will be a time limit.) Class K - Cart Class - Driver under 16 Class L - Cart Class - Driver over 16



  1. Premiums will be awarded in all single classes and Market Classes as follows: $20, $18, $16, $14, $12, $10, $8.
  2. Premiums will be awarded in group classes as follows: $40, $35, $30, $25, $20.
  3. First, second and third place ribbons will be awarded in each class.
  4. There will be Rosettes for Junior Champion, Senior Champion and Grand Champion Female.
  5. A trophy and $100 will be given to the Grand Champion of the Market Classes (if there are enough entries).
  6. A Farm Exhibit Award will be given to the farm that best exemplifies outstanding appearance, herdsman cooperation and good sportsmanship.


  1. The Danish system will be used for judging all classes.
  2. Each entry will receive a blue, red, or white ribbon.
  3. Special awards will be given for the Youths.
  4. Youth Herdsman Award All youth exhibitors who are eighteen (18) years of age or younger as of January 1st of the current year are eligible for youth awards.


Cattle may be displayed without being shown only by special arrangement with the Department Superintendent. All health requirements and arrival and departure times shall apply.