Thanks "K.G."

Ken Gilbert, broadcaster at WVTK radio, is the recipient of our 2022 Fair and Field Day’s Dedication. This is a significant milestone as Ken did the first live broadcast from Field Days 50 years ago in 1972.

Ken grew up in Hartford, Connecticut, where he entered the Navy in 1967. After serving his time, Ken decided broadcasting would be his career.
His first job offer was at WFAD radio in Middlebury, VT where his first show was on November 16, 1971. He worked with Middlebury College students Jim Douglas and Chris Graff.
WFAD then acquired 92.1 in 1975 and he continues to broadcast on 92.1 WVTK today.
He is well known for remote location shows for local businesses and public service organizations including food drives with The United Way of Addison County and his favorite, Addison County Fair and Field Days!

Ken is the “Voice of Field Days”.
He is responsible for providing radio ads to all local radio stations promoting the fair.
He broadcasts live throughout the week, keeping people entertained and informed about weather conditions and anything relevant the listener needs to know.

He will be at the fair again this year and welcomes guests at the radio building opposite the Field Day’s office.

Congratulations “K.G.”