Addison County Fair & Field Days, Inc.


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  1. The following rules shall apply to all departments of the Fair. It shall be the responsibility of all exhibitors, food vendors and concessionaires to abide by these rules.
  2. All property brought upon the Field Days grounds by any person and for any purpose is subject to these rules.
  3. All persons entering upon Field Days grounds, with or without permission and for any purpose, agree to hold Field Days and its officers, directors, trustees, agents and employees, harmless from any loss, damage, injury, death, or disability from any cause whatsoever to any person or property.
  4. All property brought upon the Field Days grounds shall be the sole responsibility of the owner, and Field Days assumes no responsibility for its safety.
  5. As a part of the consideration for permission to be upon the Field Days grounds, all claims for damage to property or for personal injury are specifically waived; and no claim or suit shall in any way be commenced or maintained against Field Days or its officers, directors, trustees, agents or employees.
  6. All exhibits and entries must remain intact until the release time specified in each department. Failure to comply with this rule will result in forfeiture of all premiums and ribbons or trophies won in all departments.
  7. The Directors of Field Days reserve the right to reassign any space not occupied by an exhibitor by the specific date. No exhibitor is permitted to sublet or assign his/her space without prior written approval of the director(s) in charge of such space.
  8. Exhibitors and concessionaires shall keep their space(s) and stall(s) clean at all times. All waste and litter shall be placed in appropriate containers. Failure to do so automatically transfers, to the Field Days Directors, the right to contract the cleanup at the expense of the person(s) responsible for such space/exhibit/concession.
  9. Any person objecting in an ungentlemanly or public manner to the judgment or ruling of an awarding committee, judge, department superintendent, or any official of Field Days may be excluded by the Board of Directors from further competition or exhibition until such time as he/she has been reinstated by decision of a majority of the entire Board of Directors.
  10. Any exhibitor making or causing to be made, any false statement regarding an animal or article, or attempting to interfere with any judge in the performance of his/her duty, shall be excluded from competition or exhibition.
  11. Premiums shall be awarded on articles listed in the premium lists only. The Department Superintendent shall approve the judges in each department. No one shall be permitted to judge in an area in which he/she exhibits.
  12. Where there are fewer animals or articles shown in a class than the number of premiums offered, the judges may or may not award a prize or prizes, or may combine a class or classes, at their sole discretion.
  13. Premiums shall be paid by the treasurer at the close of Field Days or as soon thereafter as possible.
  14. Premiums shall be awarded only in accordance with the entry book, which has been properly signed by the judge(s).
  15. The directors of Field Days have the right to remove from the Field Days grounds any exhibit, animal, concession, show, sign, banner, or advertising matter of any kind, which is unsuitable or objectionable to them, without assigning any reason thereto.
  16. The Board of Directors shall authorize only those exhibits and concessions, which evidence a high moral standard. No exhibit or concession shall be conducted in other than a legitimate and tradesman-like manner.
  17. Each exhibitor and concessionaire shall confine his/her activities to the space assigned. Failure to do so will subject them to forfeiture of the exhibit or concession privilege and any monies paid for such privilege.
  18. No exhibitor or concessionaire may engage in extortion or any similar activity. Any such conduct — judged by the opinion of the Board of Directors — shall result in forfeiture of contract, money paid, and in expulsion from the grounds.
  19. Advertising material shall be distributed from, and displayed in, an authorized exhibit space only. As well as, all signs, sandwich boards and banners must remain in the authorized exhibit space only. Begging, soliciting, singing, public speaking or creating a general nuisance is positively prohibited. Any person violating this rule is subject to expulsion from the grounds.
  20. All space allotted shall be appropriately decorated by the exhibitor or concessionaire at their own expense. Said decorations shall be subject to the approval of the Field Days Board of Directors. There will be two $100 prizes awarded each year, one each to the neatest, best kept, most appropriately decorated of the indoor and outdoor exhibits/concessions; to be judged by the Board of Directors.
  21. No vehicles of any sort shall be permitted to park or stand in any road or walkway of the Field Days grounds. Such vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense.
  22. Persons exhibiting thoroughbred animals shall be required to furnish to the judge(s) satisfactory evidence of the purity of blood of such animals before being allowed to compete for premiums. The herd book of several breeds shall be such evidence.
  23. No person(s) other than the judge(s) and attendants shall be permitted to enter the ring where stock is being judged.
  24. No article or animal will be permitted to compete for more than one (1) premium except in the case of group or flock premiums, unless stated under the specific rules for that department.
  25. Department superintendents shall appoint judges when not otherwise named.
  26. The Board of Directors may accept late entries, but only in the event that it is not to the detriment of other exhibits.
  27. All general awards shall have written rules approved by the Board of Directors prior to Field Days.
  28. No open containers of any alcoholic beverage shall be carried on the Field Days grounds. The penalty for doing so is expulsion from the grounds.
  29. No dogs shall be permitted on Field Days grounds except for Seeing Eye dogs. This includes during set-up and take down of exhibits.
  30. No exhibits or entries shall be removed from their spaces prior to 10:00 p.m. on closing day unless specifically authorized in writing by a majority of the Board of Directors.
  31. Any person knowing of mistreatment or extortion practiced by any exhibitor or concessionaire or employee of Field Days shall immediately report it to any member of the Board of Directors.
  32. All camping is by permit only, in specified areas. A fee shall be charged. Some electrical and water hook-ups are available. The running of unauthorized extension cords or the use of unauthorized electrical connections shall be cause for immediate removal of the offender from the grounds and forfeiture of all fees. Reservations for specific spots will be arranged, prior to the fair, with the camping office. Tenting, for exhibitors only, will be by permission of the superintendent. Campers, for 4-H members, who are exhibiting, will be permitted at the discretion of the superintendent. Designated camping spots will be provided for superintendents, without charge.
  33. In the event of conflict between these Rules and Regulations and special department rules, the special rules shall govern.
  34. Any electrical wiring must be done by the Field Days electrician and may involve additional expense to the requester of such wiring.
  35. All renters, exhibitors and concessionaires agree to obtain and maintain in force, at their own expense, during the term of their contract with Field Days, and any extension thereof, liability insurance with insurers and through brokers approved by Field Days. Such coverage shall be adequate to protect against liability for damage claims through public, private or sublease use of, or arising out of accidents occurring in or around the premises, in a minimum amount of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) for any one accident, and fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) for property damage. Each of the aforesaid insurance policies shall name Addison County Fair and Field Days, Inc. as an additional insured, and Addison County Fair and Field Days, Inc. shall be furnished with a copy of said insurance policy(s) and/or a certificate from the insurer, which certifies that the foregoing insurance is in effect.
  36. All exhibits in the Lucien D. Paquette Building shall be self-supporting (no nails, staples, screws or hooks shall be attached to the building).
  37. Inside exhibit spaces are 10' x 10'. Back walls of exhibits may be up to eight feet (8') in height. Sidewalls, for the first six feet (6') of the depth of the exhibit, may not be more than four feet (4') in height, to allow for better visibility throughout the building. The remaining four feet (4') of depth may be up to eight feet (8') in height.
  38. All overnight vehicles and exhibitors must be registered at the Field Days office and must either display the tags on their vehicle or have their ID tag on the person.
  39. No commercial exhibitor or concessionaire may dig holes, pound stakes or poles, or mount antennas or satellite dishes without obtaining permission of the grounds manager.
  40. Commercial delivery trucks and exhibitor vehicles may not move on the main streets of Field Days grounds between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Non-compliance with this regulation may result in loss (without compensation) of Field Days admittance privileges and/or exhibit spaces. There will be a reserved area for exhibitors to park their vehicles outside the fence.
  41. Tent stakes, exhibitor vehicles, etc. must stay within the boundaries of the space actually rented.
  42. Concessionaires and food vendors may sell ONLY those items specifically listed on the contract signed with and submitted to Addison County Fair and Field Days. The directors in charge of the food vendor/exhibit/concession areas have the sole right to limit items, which may be sold by any vendor.
  43. The Lucien D. Paquette Exhibit Building will be open to the public from 10: 0 0 a.m. to 10: 0 0 p.m. daily; from 9: 0 0 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. for exhibitors & concessionaires only.
  44. All permanent buildings owned by Field Days and used by other than Field Days personnel (i.e., 4-H Exhibit Hall, Maple Exhibit, Grange, etc.) must have current, negotiated, and signed contracts prior to any occupancy.
  45. Field Days is not responsible for damage caused by power outages.
  46. All exhibitors and concessionaires must send an appropriate deposit (at least 20%) to hold their space and must make all payment in full by set-up day.
  47. All livestock trailers, after unloading, must be parked across the brook during the fair.
  48. The Field Days Board of Directors reserves the right to amend these rules from time to time, as they see fit.
  49. Any exhibitor bringing chemicals onto the fairgrounds must have a Material Safety Data Sheet for each chemical in their booth at all times.
  50. Field Days prohibits the sale of any weapons (including pocket knives) as well as any products bearing the confederate flag or any hate symbols.