Wednesday, 4:00 p.m. - LOCATION: Children’s Barnyard

SUPERINTENDENT: Jennifer Kennett

Rabbit Showmanship is a collective measure of handler skill and rabbit care. Please mail the entry form to: Pam Gevry, 3851 VT Route 22A, Addison, VT 05491

Judging will be based on the following criteria (appropriate for age): • Clean, neat and professional appearance of both exhibitor and rabbit • Knowledge of parts of rabbit • General Questions on feed, grooming, care and diseases • Examination of Rabbit

• Rabbits should be exhibited using a harness for the safety of each rabbit. Classes: Primary (8-10), Junior (ages 11-13) and Senior (ages 14-18) Based on entries, classes will be adjusted and divided evenly.

Preparation for this contest is like any other. Practicing with your rabbit ahead of time will earn you more points on the day of the contest. Please use an animal that is familiar with being handled and the procedures described. All rabbits must arrive in good health and will be checked in with the superintendent. We strongly recommend that you bring your rabbit for display for the whole fair week.