SUPERINTENDENT: Robin Severy, 897-2680

Friday, 12:00 noon — Animal Show Arena

This is a show planned especially for youngsters at least 3 and under 8 1/2 years of age who ate too young to show 4-H with any breed of dairy calf. For safety reasons, exhibitor ages will be enforced. The emphasis is on fun and learning with identical ribbons and t-shirts awarded to all.

A big thank you goes out to the Chalker Farm for donating the t-shirts!

  1. MANDATORY PRE-REGISTRATION by August 1. Send entries (no cost) to: Robin Severy, 142 Hemenway Hill Road, Shoreham, VT 05770 Email: or call in the information to 897-2680. Please include:

    • Name of Exhibitor
    • parents names, mailing address, telephone #
    • child’s birthdate
    • calf name if shared with another peewee. Exhibitors and one parent will be sent passes before the fair.
  2. Calves must be vaccinated for shipping fever at least two weeks before the show and

rabies vaccinated as per your veterinarian.

  1. It is suggested that the calves be young (Spring calves) but not too young (as in milk fed baby calves). No cows.

  2. PeeWee exhibitors should be able to show in the ring unassisted if they are over 6 years old.