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SUPERINTENDENTS: Three ACMSA Board of Directors

MAPLE JUDGES: Department of Agriculture


The ACMSA is open to all who make maple syrup or have an interest in promoting maple syrup. The objectives of the ACMSA are:

1. Maple promotion.

2. Support and coordination of maple research.

3. Keeping members informed on issues and trends related to maple.

ACMSA Officers for 2016 are:

President: Moe Rheaume, Middlebury

Vice President: Andy Hutchison, Leicester

Sec./Treasurer: Barbara Rainville, Lincoln

Membership-$10.00 per year.

Come visit the sugarhouse for demonstrations, maple products, displays, information on technology and wood health.

On-going activities held in the Sugarhouse:

• General Maple Information

• Maple Displays and Exhibits

• Maple Syrup Sales

• Sugar on Snow

• Maple Cotton Candy

• Maple Milkshakes

• Maple Frosted Doughnuts & Coffee

Maple Products and Judging Information Classes

Entries Must be delivered to the Sugarhouse at Field Days on Sunday 4pm. Judging is Monday at 11am.

Entry Tags

NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NO. REQUIRED and if appropriate, grade of syrup or recipe must be included with each entry. All entries become the property of the Sugarmakers’ Association.

Use only new, unused containers for all maple products. Always use only hot water to clean maple equipment and containers. Do not use dish soap or other kinds of soap when cleaning and preparing maple equipment or containers as soap will flavor the syrup or contents of the container. No containers or dishes will be returned to the exhibitor. Ribbons, dishes and any prize money will be available after 6 pm on Saturday night.


1. Maple Syrup: USING NEW GRADING SYSTEM, 1 full pint of:

a. Golden Color/ Delicate Flavor b. Amber Color/ Rich Taste

c. Dark Color/Robust Taste d. Very Dark Color/Strong Taste

e. Backyard/Beginner

Please label appropriately. Judging will be based on color, clarity, density and flavor. Be sure container meets the size requirements - one full pint.

2. Maple Candy: (sugar cakes) – 8 oz. Make sure you use good-flavored syrup. Check the boiling point of water when you make any maple product and adjust the temperature to avoid making product that is too soft or too hard. Submit Four – eight pieces for judging.

3. Maple Cream: 1/2 lb.

Use light colored and good flavored syrup. Watch temperature and adjust accordingly. Maple cream picks up other flavors quickly. Pack cream in new 8-oz. jars or other airtight containers.

4. Indian Sugar: Try to get consistent sized grains in the product. (You might want to put through a sieve.) Avoid large crystals. Submit 8 oz. Jar.

5. Maple Fudge: (nuts allowed) – Can be either pure maple or cream fudge. Be sure it is not too hard or too soft. If you use nuts, make sure they are fresh and that the nut flavor doesn’t overpower the maple flavor. If using nuts, label containers as to kind of nuts (butternut, walnut, pecans, etc.). Show all ingredients on container.

6. Maple Specialty: All entries must have an accompanying recipe. All recipes must contain at least 1/2 cup of maple syrup. Entries can include any dish with maple syrup – cookies, baked beans, cakes, pies, etc. Specialty Enteries not entered on disposable dishes will NOT be accepted, entries must stay until 6pm Saturday night.

7. Best Overall in all Classes


Classes 1 - 5: $10.00 and blue ribbon, if judged excellent. Prizes awarded by Addison County Fair & Field Days. Rosette given for Best in Class.

Class 6: $10.00 and Blue ribbon if judged Excellent, plus Rosette for Best in Specialty Class. Prizes will be awarded by ACMSA.

Class 7: Special Rosette Plus $25.00.

Backyard Amateur Sugarmakers

If you hang 100 buckets or less, you may enter one (1) pint of syrup in the Amateur Sugarmakers Contest. Amateurs syrup will be judged on density, flavor and clarity.

Blake Roy Memorial Fund

Blake Roy was a Field Days Maple Judge for many years with a special interest in quality control. A $25 premium plus a Blake Roy Ribbon will be awarded in the Golden Color/Delicate Taste, Amber Color/Rich Taste and Dark Color/Robust Taste classes.