SATURDAY, August 9, 2014

Champlain Valley Equipment Day



9:00 Open Dairy Show-Ayrshires, Jerseys & Milking Shorthorns (animal show arena)

9:00 Draft Horse Show (horse area)

10:00 Poultry Breeders Show (Poultry Tent)

10:00-2:00 Children’s Activities (children’s barnyard area)

10:00 Baked Bean Bonanza Contest & Samples (solar barn)

10:30 Youth Sheep Blocking and Fitting Contest (Sheep Tent)

11:00 VTPA-Altered Farm, Modified, Diesel 2.5 Diesel Stock Street Legal,2.6 Diesel Pro, S.S. 4x4 Pickup, Street Legal Semis (tractor pad)

11:00 Buffalo Barfield “Unherd of Entertainment” (show tent)

11:00 - 7:00 “Kindness Rocks” (Connor Home Stage in Paquette Bldg)


12:00 Midway Opens (approximately)

12:00 Dig For Treasure! (youth activity area)

12:00 “Rosie’s Racing Pigs” (Dairy Area)

12:30 Tom Joyce, The Magic Man (bandstand)

1:00 Six Horse Hitch, North American Classic Six Qualifier (horse area)

1:00 “Marvelous Mutts” (show area - See Map)

1:00 Buffalo Barfield’s “Unherd of Entertainment” (show tent)

1:30 4-H Hands on Workshop (4-H exhibit building)

3: 00 Sheep & Wool Garment Lead Line Class (Sheep Show Tent)

3:00 Sheep Shearing/Handling Demonstration (sheep tent)

3:00 “Rosie’s Racing Pigs” (Dairy Area)

3:00 Tom Joyce, The Magic Man (bandstand)

3:30 “Marvelous Mutts” (show area - See Map)

3:30 4-H Hands on Workshop (4-H exhibit building)

4:00 Square Dancing w/Cast Off Eights & Lake Champlain Squares

5:00 “Rosie’s Racing Pigs” (Dairy Area)

5:30 Miniature Horse Team Hitching Demonstration (children’s barnyard area)

6:00-11:00 BRACELET NIGHT for rides ($17 - rides unlimited)

6:00 RE/MAX Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride (Parking Lot, weather permitting)

6:00 “Marvelous Mutts” (show area - See Map)

7:00 VTPA-VT V8 Minis, 2WD Mini Truck, Altered Farm, Diesel, 2.5 Diesel Work Street Legal, 2.6 Pro, Street Legal Semis, S.S. 4x4 Pickups (tractor pad)

7:00 Panhandlers (bandstand)

7:30 Rick and the Ramblers (Show Tent)

Dusk Champlain Valley Equipment Closing Fireworks Display (set off east of horse area)