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An admission fee is charged to each individual upon entering Field Days grounds each and every day from 7:00 a.m. until midnight.


1. Children age 5 and under will be admitted FREE at all times when accompanied by an adult.

2. Active 4-H members and leaders who are exhibiting and volunteering every day will be admitted to the grounds free upon presentation of a special colored 4H/Fair Bracelets. One leader from each club will send a list of active participating members and leaders by July 19th to: 4-H Fair Bracelets, UVM Extension, 23 Pond Lane, Suite 300, Middlebury, VT 05753. 4-H members will receive their Bracelets from their leader or department superintendent.

3. See specific policies (below).

NOTE: Special individual rate of $8.00 applies to bus loads or groups of 20 or more people who have made prior arrangements.

The payment of a one-day admission bracelet permits the individual re-entry on the grounds during that same day and evening.


Any individual who claims that he/she should have a free Field Days pass will pay the regular gate admission charges, but should be advised to contact his/ her department superintendent or the Field Days office. A special slip signed at the gate is used. Full refund of gate payments will be made and a Field Days pass issued if such individual is so qualified.


Admit without Passes:

1. Employed entertainment groups to which Field Days has been unable to send passes. Field Days will advise gate personnel (ticket sellers) of these specific groups.

2. Governor, driver and assistants.

3. State Police.

4. Congressional delegations.

5. Children 5 years of age and younger.

6. State Inspectors.


1. Free Exhibit Space — will be provided for UVM, the Vermont Dept. of Agriculture and possibly others at the discretion of the board of directors. One (1) free season pass

provided for each free exhibit space

2. Commercial Exhibitors — will receive two (2) free season passes and two (2) parking passes for each space purchased. Additional day passes may be purchased for $8.00 each.

3. Adult Exhibitors — who participate every day. Includes: Open Dairy; Open Beef; Sheep Show.

A. Those with the above exhibits may purchase a five day pass for $15.00 each as follows:

1 - 5 animals on exhibit limit 2 passes

6 - 10 animals on exhibit: limit 3 passes

11 or more animals: limit 4 passes

B. All other youth and adult exhibitors — one (1) season pass per exhibitor or the same rate ($15.00) as above.

4. Non 4-H Youth Exhibitors — who pay no entry fee and who participate one (1) day only will receive one (1) free day pass through their Field Days Department Superintendent.

5. Adult Exhibitors — who pay no show entry fees and who participate one (1) day only will pay the regular gate admission with no refund, with exception of hand mowing.

6. Youth & Adult Exhibitors — who bring in and set up exhibits and remove them at the conclusion of Field Days are expected to do their set-up on Monday and tear-down after Field Days closes. Those who must enter on Saturday evening before the ticket booths close to claim their exhibits may purchase a one day pass at the exhibitor rate. Passes can be purchased at the Field Days office. Examples: Crops, Flower Show, Vegetable Exhibits, Handcrafts, Foods, any static exhibits.

7. Youth & Adult Horse Show Participants — entry fees are paid by these exhibitors. Passes will be issued by the Superintendent of Horse Shows according to announced rules, which have been approved by the Field Days Directors, with the following exceptions:

A. Registered Horse Show advance entries (non 4-H’ers) will get one (1) free day pass per rider.

B. 4-H Youth Horse Show riders may get, through their Horse Superintendent and with membership card shown, one (1) free day pass, and may purchase one (1) season pass for $15.00 at the discretion of the Horse Show’s Superintendent, season passes may be given to those entrants who have horses on the grounds for the entire Field Days.

8. Maple Producers — if half (1/2) of the maple space is devoted to educational material, free season passes will be issued for that area. The remaining portion of the area will be treated as a concession. If less than half of the maple space is devoted to educational material, the entire building will be treated as a concession.

9. 4-H passes — see 4-H Rules Page 10

10. Active FFA members and leaders who are working at the Mount Abe Dairy Bar or the FFA food booth will be admitted onto the grounds free upon a presentation of a special colored FFA pass. One leader from each chapter will send a list of active participating members and leaders by July 19th: ACFFD, P.O. Box 745, Middlebury, VT 05753. This list will be cross referenced with 4-H, FFA passes will be mailed to their leaders, who will pass them onto the members.


Those invited for demonstrations: (fashion show, parade, VIP’s, Dairy Queen, Miss Vermont, etc.); educational, religious - will be issued necessary free day passes by the department Superintendent or the person(s) responsible for the specific event. In the event gate admission has been paid, Field Days will make a refund upon verification, via the special form issued at the gate where admission was paid, of payment of said admission.

Holders of State Fair Assoc. passes admitted without charge at any time.

Employed Entertainment Groups - see #1 under SPECIFIC POLICIES, or follow instructions of Field Days office.

Special season passes may be issued, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, to Field Days grounds neighbors at the rate of one (1) per family member living at home.


The fees for camping on the grounds are $150 a week or $35 a night. Electricity, water and gray/septic water pumped. You must fill out and send in your camping form before July 25th.

A camping space DOES NOT include admission. You must buy a season pass for every person staying in the camper/tent.